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Process Service

Our team of experienced professionals specialize in ensuring that your legal documents are properly served according to law.

Court Services

Our team can handle all your court running needs. We can file documents, purchase index numbers, retrieve documents, and more.

Landlord & Tenant

Today, many people are looking to start their own business. For this, they need to register their business or they might be accused of doing business illegally in the country. This is just one part of the business law.

Document Preparation

Personal Injury law is designed to provide protection and legal rights to the victims who have been physically, mentally or emotionally been injured die to the carelessness or wrongdoing of another party.

Skip Tracing

Civil Rights are the basic rights that are provided by every citizen of the country according to the constitution. The law gives every citizen the right to practice his or her religion, speak freely and to live in the country without any discrimination …

Corporate Services

Criminal law deals with offences against the social order. Under the common law jurisdiction, crimes disturb the sovereign and it is up to the agents of the sovereign to prosecute those offenders. Criminal law is different from civil law. The …